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May 14, 2008


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pfaff fan

I have the same machine but purchased in 1989 or 1990. It has sewn everything from camping gear to lace dresses and I have never found a thing to complain about. I agree the hemming stitch is it's Achilles heel but a small problem I can work with. Perhaps you are already aware that you can half the width of any of the zig zag stitches by engaging the straight stitch button at the same time as the stitch setting button/s. This usually gives you enough options that it's not so painful to switch from a machine that had infinite stitch widths, like my old Singer, which I also loved. You are right, though, the built in walking foot is the bomb and a big reason why I chose this machine when I upgraded. Glad to see there's another fan. I was also told by the repairman last time I had it cleaned and tuned that they seldom see this machine in for other than annual cleaning and preventative maintenance. Workhorse indeed!


Oh, does this bring back memories. Christmas 1986, I got a Pfaff 1069, very similar to this machine, but with no IDT (built-in walking foot). The 1069 was one or two models "down" from the 1171. The original suggested price of the 1069 was $900, although I paid about $700. The Pfaff 1171 would have been priced higher. The set-up you have, with the cabinet and machine, was probably priced in the $1300 to $1800 range when new -- in 1986. Your $170 investment was well worth it.

Pfaff Fan has it right, that pressing the straight-stitch button in conjunction with a wide stitch button (hem, zig-zag, etc.) will halve the stitch width. Experimenting with various button combinations can reveal hidden talents in these machines.

I have newer Pfaffs now, with IDT (love it) and have passed the 1069 on to my daughter. I couldn't bring myself to trade it in.

Feed Dog

Thanks for the tip, Claire-Marie and pfaff fan! I've played a bit with halving the width but I'll give it another go.

I just yesterday found a book from 1988 called Know Your Pfaff, which is mainly geared toward the Creative 1471, but I'm learning some tricks for my machine too. For anyone using secondhand machines, it's definitely worth checking libraries and used book shops for books about sewing machines published around the same time as your machine was made--it's great information that's current to your machine rather than making you feel like you're stuck with an old machine.

And just as a general update, my Pfaff is still going strong, and I still love it after six months of heavy use. Though the needle often keeps sewing while I'm winding a bobbin--might be time for a servicing....

Dave Dick

my machine is basically the same machine,, same style...except my machine is white in color....flipping the top cover back i would have 48 different zigzag styles.......2 spools and 2 needles....etc.. i recently bought a electric foot pedal which in my case was missing,,unfortunatly i have no other info,,,for-yah....
dave....... $275 on my birthday only

Jana Morrison

I have a Pfaff model 1007 with spools, needles, electic foot pedal and it is newly refurbished. I am not a seamstress, silly me, and bought a sewing machine out of my depth. I am trying to sell for a reasonable price and hope to find some of you seamstresses who would be in interested in a 1988 model. The model number is 33064963.

It offers many stitch options and might be a simpler form of the types you all are describing above.

I am willing to sell and have made it ready for immediate use.

Sandra Crawford

I have a Pfaff Tiptronic 1171. I have misplaced my manuals{ yes, all 3}. I have not used the machine in some time. Iam trying to touble shoot the following problem: top stitch fine, bottom stitch extremely loose. Any suggestions?

Howard Johnstone

First of all, alla manuals can be downloaded for free from:


Use the manual in order to check adjustments
of the tension balance.


this is my all time favorite machine. I have done countless quilts and clothing on it,from heavy leather to finest silk. mine has a very useful mini buttonhole stitch programmed in by the previous owner. I use it constantly for broderie perse applique by machine. pfaff 1471 I love you! and if anyone wants to sell one, I would get another in a minute... and yes I have 2 berninas but I like this one best. the embroidery stitches are great for crazy quilting too. love sara

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