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May 29, 2008


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Regarding using the button foot control, there are a number of ways to use it but it was designed to be used like this: With your foot on the controller, it should be half on the button and half on the "fake" button. Pivot your foot on the "fake" button to press the button to sew (so the left side of your foot rests on the "fake" button while the right side of your foot depresses the controller). It took me a little while to get used to it but it works pretty well once you get used to it. One thing to mention is it's easier to do with shoes on (at least on your "driving" foot).


Regarding using the button foot control, there are a number of ways to use it but it was designed to be used like this: With your foot on the controller, it should be half on the button and half on the "fake" button. Pivot your foot on the "fake" button to press the button to sew (so the left side of your foot rests on the "fake" button while the right side of your foot depresses the controller). It took me a little while to get used to it but it works pretty well once you get used to it. One thing to mention is it's easier to do with shoes on (at least on your "driving" foot).


I have recently inherited this machine and unfortunately never sewed with it before, wondering how the threading works? have only used jenome brand before..


Alice, look for free threading diagrams at sew-usa.com -- if you can't find the exact model, try to find one that looks similar, and you'll probably be able to figure it out. Good luck!

Millie Lawrence

Does anyone know the year of this machine. I have one and had it renovated. Love it. I am 73. Used it when my children were growing to make their school clothes. I have lost the discs along the way so do need to figure out how to get those. It is a wonderful machine.



I have this very machine. It was given to me by my Mom. I am not a seamstress and only use it for hemming and general stitching. It still works great! I have all the attachments including button hole maker. I am getting ready to sell it as I have another machine (also my Mom's) and don't need two. Wondering if I am making a mistake giving it up???

Karen Grégoire

I learned to sew on this machine in 1965, and then my mother sold it to me in 1973 when she traded up. I love it because it is so simple. It was acting up, so I bought a new Singer, which I then sold because it was way to complicated. I am having this one serviced now instead! Tomorrow I am buying a used cabinet for it, but because it is still in the shop, I don't know the distance between the pins. Can anyone tell me that? I bought a cabinet a few months ago and the pins are to close, won't fit my machine and therefore I cannot lower it in the cabinet to hide it.



Amber Litzenberger

I was just given this machine by my husband's grandmother and I love it. I have a newer machine that just didn't seem to like me, but this one is a breeze to use. My mother in-law couldn't find the manual so I thought I was in for it but I found a free down load on the singer web site. I am so excited for the projects to come!

M. Beaufort

I bought this machine in about 1960 and have used it for everything since: quilts (dozens), drapes, upholstery, lightweight canvases, even a 2-man nylon tent and first-generation Gortex. Seldom needed repair. I do clean and oil it frequently. I'm 77 and still using it several times a week. Zigzagged a lot and used the buttonholer, but never really like setting that up. Absolutely love it!


I have used a 328k for the last couple of years. After taking classes where we used $4k Bernina's I was worried that I would be taking a big step back. Not the case! This machine can do very fine seam work one minute and sew six layers of kevlar cordura the next. I have used this machine for doing very fine garment construction and rarely wanted another machine. The only things that I do not care for are the odd pedal design and the fact that you have to flip the stitch length lever up to reverse, it gets tiring. I love that every piece of it is made of steel, although it does make the machine less portable. You can find these machines very cheap and they will definitely outperform a new "industrial" singer.


My Pop bought me a 328K for my eighth grade graduation 47 years ago. I was 14 years old and was working for a taylor cleaning his shop (it was legal for a young boy to work back then). The taylor saw I was interested so he taught me to sew and I worked at the taylor shop as a second job until I was 25 years old when my wife passed and my son and my pop need me more. I am now 61 and retired so am now using the same machine my pop bought me 47 years ago for a new upholstery and custom garden cushion business. This machine was and still is a fantastic machine and actually bought a second 328K online to add to my shop. Love would be an understatement, I adore this machine.


The 328 I'm using was actually my Grandmother's which I received when she passed away several years ago. It has been a little horse for me. The machine came with a stand, had all the attachments in a box and manuals. I'm currently working on a sail cover for our boat.


Where can I get parts for the Style O Matic 328K?

Shelley Rollins

Yikes! I was just offered "a firm $50.00 for my mother's 328 machine which I inherited when she passed away this spring. I am thinking of moving to B.C. to my father's property (he passed away 5 weeks after my mom)& since I already have a Singer Stylist 514 I thought I should sell this one.I learned to sew on Mom's & made all of my own clothes throughout high school(I was very petite & had trouble buying clothes)but didn't really use the fancier stitch discs. This machine wasn't used much after I moved out on my own in 1969 & the manual & all discs/attachments are there.Maybe I shouldn't part with it after all? Maybe this one would be easier to sew denim on than my #514?

caroline archibald

Got my 328K in 1963. Today the foot pedal mad a whirring sound and has overheated and I am afraid to plug back in.
Who can sell me a new one?


love mine.
mine is blue and i grew up with it as i learned from my mother in the seventies. she purchased a newer machine and i am so happy i have this thing. its an industrial beauty! heavy as heck, made of metal damn it! even the small bit of plastic is nicely formed and solid.


We all need more than one sewing machine. What if your main machine needs to go in for servicing? You gotta have a backup machine. I love the old Singer machines.


Wow, so many great reviews. I just picked my 328k today at the Goodwill with the stand so I can hide it away. I bought it for $35. I need to replace the plug before I use, but they told me they tested it and it works. I cannot wait to give it a try. I have the manual and all the feet and attachments, along with the original 8 disks. I'm so happy!


I found this model on craigslist for $100, which seems like a deal. However, I'm looking to sew leather bags/wallets and I'm wondering if this can handle that.


Mary Thrasher

I have had my Singer 328K for nearly 45 years. I love it and it still chugs along for all I want it to do. My hubby keeps it in good working order and I still have all the disks for it. The thing I have trouble with is locating extra bobbins. I've bought two packages and neither one fit. Any ideas as to where I might find where to buy some or the number I need to match. Manual is no help, which is maddening!

Thanks for your help.


I just bought one like this for $20 at an estate. For bobbins check out estate sales and yard sales. You can find them to fit this machine, usually boxed up with other sewing items. I love this machine!


Hoping to get my grandmothers machine -style-o-matic 328 to work for my daughter. i have the manual, however, I think I need somekind of band/belt that would go around the hand wheel. You must take it apart to see where it would go. the cuurent material has turned to string and a gum like material. Any help would be appreciated.


Auntie M, I found the right bobbins for my 328K online by googling. Found a website that sells the appropriate equipment for any machine.

Maryann, my belt also shredded. I took the machine to a repair place across town and they replaced the belt.

gary mcdonald

need help,my mum got herself a 328k recently as she prefares the old type models but there is a on-off switch attached to the foot control cable should it be there {please help someone}


I recently purchased a Singer Style-O-Matic 328J at a flea market. The slide plate appears to be too tight so I'm wondering if I need a special flatter bobbin. If so, where would I get them? I can't find the "J" model on the Singer site.

Thank you.


I was given my 328K from my Mother, who got it from my Dad's Mom. I just had it tuned up and it works beautifully. It came with 9 designer disks, several feet attachments (which I haven't had a chance to use), small tool kit and the instruction manual all in the original box. I can see hours of fun ahead of me.


My 328K just started having a motor problem - it sent out sparks, maybe even a small flame [I am not sure what I saw was real!] and then smelled and stopped. Do I need a new motor. If so, what model # motor is it? Does Singer make motors for such old machines or are there compatible motors that fit this machine? Thanks!


It uses class 66 bobbins. I have a 328 and 338, and they seem to sew much better with the metal ones instead of the plastic ones. They are the solid, kind of rounded type bobbins, not the flat ones with all the holes.


I just picked one of these up off ebay, a 328P that was made in Australia in Penrith.
Its off with my mechanic for a full service and adjustment and to have its wired checked but I'm hopeful it will come back sewing well. It has cool retro lines. I found the entire set of fashion disks for it so that should be good fun. I'm pleased to see such good reviews here. Oh and auction ended at $51 for the machine, after starting at a mere $24... so it was a small outlay.


Does anyone have any tips for adjusting the tension of the 328? I have the manual and it really doesn't help. Sometimes, it seems as though the changing the stitch length makes a difference.

Also, when I thread the machine, I stand up and look down into the tension control. I'm short, so I have to do this really, but it does seem to make the whole process easier.

Del Bachmann

Does anyone know where I can get a Foot control, Part No 199648, for my 328P Singer. The last time I Used it,It wouldn't stop running and was out of control

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